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FGEF Support Projects

The French Global Environment Facility (FGEF) provided support to strengthen the capacities and experience of ORASECOM, through the implementation of concrete actions by the establishment of project implementation unit (PIU) as an interim body until permanent secretary for ORASECOM was in place. The PIU was to apply the principles of integrated water resources management (IWRM) in its supervision of project implementation.

The project support aimed to strengthen transboundary and inter-sectoral networking systems so as to build capacity and confidence through transparency and the smooth sharing of information in order that transboundary river basin management is possible. Following are the concrete actions implemented under the support:-

  • Capacity Building Programme
  • Feasibility Study for the Development of a Mechanism to Mobilize Funds for Catchment Conservation
  • Assessment of Potential for the Development and Use of "Marginal Waters"
  • Feasibility Study of the Potential for Sustainable Water Resource Development in the Molopo-Nossob Watercourse
  • Groundwater Review of The Molopo-Nossob Basin for Rural Communities Including Assessment of National Databases at The Sub-basin Level for Possible Future Integration
  • Protection of the Orange-Senqu Water Sources/Sponges

Capacity Building Programme Report July 20095 MBAdode PDF fileOct 26 2009
ORASECOM Catchment Conservation Fund - Mitigation Measures Assessment1 MBAdode PDF fileOct 27 2009
ORASECOM Catchment Conservation Fund - Business Case1 MBAdode PDF fileOct 27 2009
Orange-Senqu Water Sources (Sponges) Protection Report4 MBAdode PDF fileNov 6 2009
Marginal Waters Development & Use Potential Assessment Report1 MBAdode PDF fileNov 6 2009
Molopo Nossob Water Resource Development Feasibility Report5 MBAdode PDF fileNov 6 2009
Molopo Nossob Groundwater Review & National Databases Assessment Report19 MBAdode PDF fileNov 6 2009


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