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EU Project Support

The European Union (EU) provides project support to ORASECOM aimed at strengthening ORASECOM as an Institution and building its capacity to deliver on its mandate.

To do this, the support programme is undertaking a number of studies aimed at helping ORASECOM to clarify the form and extent of its technical advisory role, and the scope and nature of the Basin Wide Plan. This includes working with the organisation to identify appropriate institutional form and functions, an analysis of the legal mandate and how this aligns with SADC wide and existing bilateral arrangements. The project will also work with ORASECOM structures and the Member States to ask the key question; “What can ORASECOM do with respect to improved management of the water resources of the Orange-Senqu River System to compliment the efforts of Member States and the existing bilateral Organisations in the Basin?”

 The EU support will also deliver on a number of more technical issues including:
  • Specific Training Courses;
  • The development and piloting of an Aquatic Ecosystem Health monitoring programme;
  • A fitness for use assessment of the waters of the basin;
  • A framework for water quality monitoring; and
  • Urban pollution management studies.

The EU support also includes support to improving and structuring ORASECOM’s communication functions.


ORASECOM Institutional Analysis.pdf333 KBAdode PDF fileJan 19 2010
ORASECOM Legal Analysis.pdf205 KBAdode PDF fileJan 19 2010
ORASECOM Stakeholder Participation Analysis.pdf309 KBAdode PDF fileJan 19 2010
Manual for the Aquatic Ecosystem Health Programme.pdf3 MBAdode PDF fileJan 19 2010
Fitness for Use Assessment.pdf8 MBAdode PDF fileFeb 10 2010
Water Quality Monitoring Framework .pdf1 MBAdode PDF fileFeb 10 2010
Map - Water Fitness for Use.pdf15 MBAdode PDF fileMar 3 2010
The ORASECOM Communications Strategy.pdf810 KBAdode PDF fileApr 27 2010
A Scoping Study on Urban Pollution in the Orange-Senqu River System.pdf5 MBAdode PDF fileMay 7 2012


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