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Structure of ORASECOM

ORASECOM is structured into the Council, Secretariat and Task Teams.


The highest body of ORASECOM is the Council, which is supported by a Secretariat and a series of Task Teams who manage projects. The Council serves as technical advisor to the Parties on matters related to development, utilisation and conservation of the water resources of the basin.

The Council consists of delegations from each of the four member states. The delegations are comprised of three representatives from the respective government agencies responsible for water affairs.

The respective member states and the delegations are as follows:

  • Botswana: Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources
  • Kingdom of Lesotho: Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Namibia: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development
  • South Africa: Department of Water Affairs and Forestry


The decision to establish a permanent Secretariat was reached in July 2004. The Republic of South Africa signed an agreement to host the Secretariat signed in August 2006.

The Secretariat’s role in programme coordination and management includes the following functions:

  • Coordinate ORASECOM activities and implement ORASECOM decisions
  • Serve as a repository of information related to the Orange-Senqu River basin
  • Act as a focal point for ORASECOM with all external parties
  • Perform ORASECOM administrative functions
  • Conduct communication and promotion for ORASECOM
  • Programme and project development and management
  • Resource mobilisation

Technical Task Teams

Task teams are established by Council and contain representatives from the member countries. The task teams undertake tasks delegated by the commission include:

  • Communications
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Technical (including a hydrogeology committee).

Committees report directly to task teams, not to council.

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